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Printer Properties Window

Printer Properties window allows to setup several parameters before printing a document to the Print2HTML5 printer.

Printer Properties window can be opened from application you print the document with in this way:

  1. Select Print command in this application. In most applications it would be a command File > Print from the main application menu or a Print button on the toolbar. If you do not see such a command there, refer to the application documentation on how to print documents from it.
  2. You should see a Print dialog now. For Printer Name, select Print2HTML5 5 Printer.
  3. Click Properties

There are following options in  Printer Properties window:

  • Page Orientation - select the desired page orientation for the document you print. You can choose between Portrait and Landscape orientations;
  • Page Size - select the desired size of the pages you wish to print the document on. Note that these are virtual pages in a sense that no printing on real paper will occur. Nevertheless, the paper size may affect the amount of document information which can be fit on a page but this strongly depends on the application you print the document from. You can select between:
    • Standard - standard page size. Choose a page size from the list to the right of this option;
    • Custom - custom page size. Enter width of the page and its height and choose a measurement unit in the three fields that follow this option.
  • Resolution - enter the printer resolution in dots per inch (DPI). This parameter affects the quality of the printed document and the resulting Print2HTML5 document file size. The greater the resolution, the higher is the quality and the bigger the file size of the resulting Print2HTML5 document. You may need to do a bit of experimenting to determine the best value for your document.
  • Document Options button - click this button to setup document options in the Document Options window.