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Print2HTML5 application has the following features:

Converted Print2HTML5 documents have the following features:

  • Resizing 
    Print2HTML5 documents are resized proportionately, regardless of the size of the browser window. You can easily resize a document by dragging a window, or by using the resize options in the toolbar;
  • Text selection
    You can select text in a Print2HTML5 document, copy it to clipboard, and paste it into another document;
  • Easy navigation in the document
    There is a number of options for navigating inside the converted document;
  • Searching 
    The search feature lets you search for a word or a phrase in a Print2HTML5 document;
  • Document pages rotation
    If original document pages were improperly oriented (on the side or upside down), you may easily rotate them;
  • Printing
    A Print2HTML5 document can be printed to a real printer to get its hard copy;
  • Multiple language support
    Converted documents support interface in Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish languages.

    Following features of Print2HTML5 documents are available only in Pro mode:
  • Programmatic access to the document
    You may programmatically manipulate the converted documents with Print2HTML5 Document Application Programming Interface;
  • Accessibility 
    Print2HTML5 documents are accessible to users with disabilities in compliance with Section 508 of the American Disabilities Act.