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Print2HTML5 Editions and Modes

Print2HTML5 has two editions: Commercial and Free.

Free edition of Print2HTML5 allows you to use Print2HTML5 only for personal, non-business purposes. Free edition works the same way as in Basic mode of Commercial edition but produces a small free edition notice at the bottom of each printed page.

Commercial edition of Print2HTML5 offers a number of benefits as compared to free edition detailed in the table below. Commercial edition has three modes: Basic, Pro and Server. It also provides a trial period of 30 days during which you may use all the features of Server mode but for evaluation purposes only. To use Print2HTML5 after this period expires or for business purposes, you must register your software copy. Before registration you should decide which mode suits your needs better and register Print2HTML5 in the respective mode. After your registration process is completed, the mode you registered Print2HTML5 in is activated automatically. See Registration to learn how to register Print2HTML5.

The Basic mode provides minimum set of capabilities required to convert documents to HTML5 format. These capabilities are similar to Free edition features except that no free edition notice is produced at the bottom of each printed page.

Pro mode takes you several steps further letting you customize the converted document, optimize it, control it programmatically, convert multiple documents in a batch, etc. (see the table below). Note that Free edition and Basic and Pro modes allow you to use a single license of Print2HTML5 only on a single computer by a single user. For each additional user and computer you need to obtain an additional license.

The main difference between Server and other modes is letting you use Print2HTML5 for conversion of documents on behalf of multiple users. This can be achieved either by Print2HTML5 Automation API or Enhanced batch processing. If you want to install Print2HTML5 on a server for multiple users' use, this is the mode and kind of license you need.

The table below details the differences between Print2HTML5 Editions and Modes:


Free Edition Commercial Edition

Basic mode

Pro mode

Server mode

Conversion of documents to HTML/SVG via printing
Drag and drop document creation
Right-click document creation
Manipulations with converted documents (resizing, search, etc.)
x64 bit Windows editions support
No free edition notice in document output  
Hyperlink support  
Option to remove any buttons from converted document interface    
Converted document interface customization with skins    
Custom document viewers support    
Option to remove Print2HTML5 logo from converted documents    
Option to protect from copying text from converted documents    
Option to disable printing of converted documents    
Programmatic access to Print2HTML5 documents    
Accessibility for users with disabilities    
Image storage optimization control    
Browser version optimization    
Page thumbnail images    
Document metafile    
Retrieving document text    
Restricting access to documents    
Batch processing application    
Enhanced batch processing      
Automation API      
Printing jobs      
Multiple user license      

See End-User License Agreement for more information on rights and restrictions imposed by each version and mode of Print2HTML5.