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Print2HTML5 Document Application Programming Interface

Sometimes it is necessary to control Print2HTML5 documents not only by the user pressing buttons on the toolbar but also programmatically from an application which hosts the document, e.g. from the web browser or a web page. Examples of such control could be zooming the document, jumping to specified page, etc. This allows finer control over displayed content and seamless integration of Print2HTML5 documents in other applications or websites.

This control can be easily achieved as Print2HTML5 documents feature Application Programming Interface (API) which is exposed to hosting applications. This interface is composed of a number of functions, each of function performing a separate action. See Reference for the full list of functions.

To access a Print2HTML5 document programmatically via Print2HTML5 Document API you should clear "Disable Print2HTML5 Document API support" option when converting the document.

The following topics provide you with further information on using Print2HTML5 Document API: