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How to Navigate in a Converted Document?

The document interface provides a lot of options for navigating within the converted Print2HTML5 document:

  • Use horizontal and vertical scroll bars of the document view area to scroll to the place in the document that you need. Using scroll sliders you can move very quickly within the whole document to roughly arrive at the place in the document you need, and then you may use scroll buttons to fine tune document position within the view area;
  • Use Drag mode to easily fine tune document position within the view area with mouse. Switch this mode on by clicking Drag button on the toolbar and then simply press the left mouse button while the mouse pointer is above the document window and move the mouse. You will see that the document moves altogether with your mouse. When you see the desired part of document, release the mouse button.
  • You can flip through the document page by page like a book. Use Previous Page and Next Page toolbar buttons to move respectively to the previous or next page of the document;
  • You can jump to any page number at once by typing the page number in Go To Page text box on the toolbar and pressing Enter key;
  • You can search for a specific word a phrase within the document text and jump right to it by typing the word or phrase in the browser Find On Page window. Click here to get more information on this.