Print2HTML5 Application Interface

When a document is converted, or "printed", with Print2HTML5, Print2HTML5 Application is launched. At first, this application shows you the conversion progress indicator. Then it displays you the converted document for preview. And finally you may save the converted document to disk.

To open Print2HTML5 Application, start printing a document to the Print2HTML5 Printer or choose "Print2HTML5 Application" from the "All Programs/Print2HTML5" submenu of Windows start menu.

The application screenshot is shown below:


The Print2HTML5 Application toolbar has the following buttons:

  Convert - converts any printable document to Print2HTML5 format. You will be  prompted for the location of the document you want to convert. After conversion the converted document is shown in the converted document area and then you can save it using various Save... buttons (see below).

Save HTML - saves the converted HTML5 document to disk. You will be  prompted for the file name and location of the HTML document file. In the Save As Type field you may choose whether you want to save only the HTML document without the viewer (HTML Document option) or altogether with the viewer and preview page (HTML Document with Preview Page option). It will create a file and a related resource folder with document resources (named after the file name but ending with _files).

Save All - saves all data generated at the last document conversion: HTML5 document, metadata file and page thumbnails. You will be shown the Save All window where you can choose a location to save the data to and other saving options.

Help - shows this help system.


The main menu of Print2HTML5 Application has the following options:

Converted document area

The bottom part of Print2HTML5 Application shows the converted document interface along with other generated data: metadata file and thumbnails. There can be up to three tabs here:

HTML Document tab

Here you may preview the converted HTML5 document before saving it to disk. While previewing you may perform any operations allowed in document interface: scrolling, enlarging, rotating the document, etc. See Converted Document Interface for more information.

Metadata tab

If you requested creation of metadata file using Metadata tab of Document Options Window, it is displayed in this tab.

Thumbnails tab

If you requested creation of page thumbnail files using Thumbnails tab of Document Options Window, they are shown in the Thumbnails tab. Thumbnail images are scaled when shown in this preview. To view a thumbnail in its true dimensions, just click the image in the list.

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