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Skin Editor Window

Skin Editor window allows you to manage skins defined in the system: add skins, modify and delete skins, export or import skins and so on. To open this window, select Options/Skin Editor from the Print2HTML5 Application menu.

The window contains the list of skins defined on your computer and a set of buttons for skin manipulation. There are following buttons in Skin Editor window:

  • Set as default button - makes the selected skin a default skin which will be used for subsequent document conversions;
  • Add button - creates a new empty skin and opens Skin Properties window for setting its properties;
  • Edit button - opens Skin Properties window for editing the skin selected in the list;
  • Delete button - deletes the selected skin. You cannot delete the default skin;
  • Duplicate button - creates a copy of the selected skin;
  • Export button - exports the selected skin to disk to the location specified by user. You may use Export and Import functions to backup your skins or transfer them to other computers;
  • Import button - imports the previously exported skin in to the list of skins defined on your computer;
  • Close button - closes the window.