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Print2HTML5 Service Configuration Window

This window allows setting up the Print2HTML5 Windows service which is used to run Print2HTML5 Server and convert documents under an account different from the launching user account. This may be useful if the launching user rights are too low to permit launching and printing from applications, which is necessary to convert files with Print2HTML5. See Running Automation Objects under Different User Account topic for more information.

At Print2HTML5 installation Print2HTML5 Windows service is not installed but you may install it with this window. Initially, you should see Install Service option which you should check in order to install Print2HTML5 Windows service. Additionally, you need to specify a Windows user account which will be used to run Print2HTML5 Windows service and hence all the applications which will be sending documents to Print2HTML5 printer. You should enter Windows user name and password. Make sure the user name is specified in Domain\User format e.g. "WebDomain\p2huser". If your computer is not on a domain, specify your computer name in the domain part. The window checks the user name and password you entered in this window for validity.

After you installed the Print2HTML5 Windows service, you may change the user account at any time by opening this window and entering a new user name and password. To uninstall Print2HTML5 Windows service, open this window and choose Uninstall Service option.

Additionally, you may check "Grant access and launch permissions to Everyone" checkbox to grant access to Print2HTML5 OLE Automation API for all users. This ensures that Print2HTML5 OLE Automation objects are accessible to any user even if computer security defaults prohibit so.