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Running Automation Objects under a Different User Account

Print2HTML5 OLE Automation API objects can run using rights of a user different from the user which creates and uses these objects. This may be useful if the launching user rights are too low to permit launching and printing from applications, which is necessary to convert files with Print2HTML5. For example, the user account under which web page server scripts run usually has very low rights and applications may not have rights to access files to convert or applications may refuse to print with these rights altogether.

To solve this problem, you may specify a specific Windows user account which Print2HTML5 OLE Automation API objects will use to launch printing applications and convert documents. This is achieved by employing a special Print2HTML5 Windows service. You can configure this service in Print2HTML5 Service Configuration window.

To install and configure the service, you need to open Print2HTML5 Service Configuration window, choose Install Service and enter a Windows user name and password of the user account under which you want Print2HTML5 Service and hence all applications sending documents to Print2HTML5 run. The user account you may use here must have sufficient privileges to allow printing applications to print documents to Print2HTML5 printer. It may be an administrator account. It is recommended to login locally with this user account once and check if printing applications you intend to use with Print2HTML5 indeed work under this account.

When using Print2HTML5 objects running in Print2HTML5 Windows service, you need to use special ProgID names of those objects. These names are similar to normal names described in Automation API Reference except that "2" is suffixed to them. So you should use these names:

The other aspect of Print2HTML5 OLE Automation API objects security is which user accounts are allowed to create and use these objects. You may grant access to these objects to any users by checking "Grant access and launch permissions to Everyone" checkbox in Print2HTML5 Service Configuration window. To fine tune these rights you may use DCOMCNFG Windows utility and specify Launch and Activation permissions and Access permissions for the application named Print2HTML5 Server Application.