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There is a number of benefits in publishing documents in Print2HTML5 format. Here are some of them:

  • Greater Accessibility
    Once converted to Print2HTML5 format, a document can be easily viewed in any Internet browser: Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others. As virtually all modern computers and mobile devices have a browser with HTML5 support, you aren't required to install any special software or require your document audience to do it;
  • Compatibility
    Everyone who has a computer including those on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris and other operating systems or mobile devices running on Android, iOs, Windows Phone and other mobile operating systems can watch your documents in Print2HTML5 format. There's no limit in terms of devices or computer operating systems;
  • Display Resolution
    Print2HTML5 documents can be played at virtually any resolution and/or screen size, making this file format an ideal way to distribute presentations across many display devices;
  • Internet Distribution
    Distributing your documents on the Internet for other people to see is easier said than done. Not everyone has applications required to view your document installed on his or her PC. But once you upload a Print2HTML5 document to any site, forum and discussion group, anyone can view it;
  • More Distribution Options
    Print2HTML5 documents, for the reasons previously listed, is also an ideal format for distributing your documents on CD or DVD. It allows multi-platform compatibility while providing a lean and fast performing file;
  • Web Page Embeddable
    Print2HTML5 documents can be shown on the Web not only as a standalone document in a separate window but also can be embedded in a web page and shown inside it altogether with other web page content. There can be even multiple documents shown on a single page;
  • E-mail-Ready
    Even if you want to send a document to someone by e-mail, converting it to Print2HTML5 format may be a better option. The file size is smaller, and it doesn't clog your recipient's inbox. You also ensure that the recipient can see the file without installing other software except a web browser;
  • Secure
    Others can edit your documents if they have the application which can edit that type of documents installed on their machine. This is not the case for Print2HTML5 documents. However, they allow you to maintain more control over your document content, if needed. You may optionally prevent your document viewers from copying the document text or from printing the documents;
  • Firewall Friendliness
    Print2HTML5 documents have no problem going through firewalls because they're like standard Web content;
  • Environmentally Friendly
    Preserving documents in electronic format without printing them helps to protect environment.