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How to View a Converted HTML5 Document?

Viewing converted Print2HTML5 documents is very easy. There are following possible scenarios:

  • If the document was published and your were given a web link to it, either click this link or open your browser, and copy and paste the link there;
  • If you got a Print2HTML5 document as HTML file in e-mail, from CD or DVD or via any other media, simply open that file by double clicking it. If double clicking does not work, it means that browser is not installed or properly configured on your computer. On Windows you may also try to open Print2HTML5 documents directly in your browser in this way:
    1. Right click the Print2HTML5 document in Windows Explorer and choose Open With
    2. Choose your browser from the shown list, e.g. Internet Explorer
    3. If you do not see Internet Explorer in that list, select "Choose Program..." and then - your browser in the shown program list and click OK. To memorize your browser choice and make Windows Explorer open your file by simple double clicking in the future, also check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" option below.

In order to view HTML5/SVG documents you need to install an HTML5 compatible browser by clicking on one of the links below: